4 Awesome Geeky Gift Ideas For Mom

Mom is special and your gift for Mother’s Day should reflect this. But if your mom is a geek at heart and an off-the-cuff gift won’t do, see if one of our four ideas below cuts the mustard.

We found these online via various retailers and all are perfect for surprising and delighting mom this Sunday. Have a look and let us know which one is your fave?

1. Wonder Woman Heels

Bet you’ve never seen these before. How totally awesome is this, a pair of custom made comic book hero heels in full stiletto glory. Pow Kaboom! Wow! This pair of Wonder Woman heels has the comic book heroine front and center and is covered from heel to toe in images from the popular female centric comic strip. We found these online via Etsy (from seller Designed4Divas) based in Ohio and they’re available in sizes 5 to 11 and in other comic hero styles as well.

2. Easy Wine Bottle Opener

Moms need a break and what better way to take one than with a nice glass of Chardonnay. However some bottles are quite hardy and difficult to pop open, that’s where the easy wine bottle opener comes in – to save the day. Best thing about this gift idea is that it won’t set you back too far, as we found it online via Think Geek for less than $10. This bottle opener allows you to uncork your bottle easily and also serve with the various built-in extensions on the device.

3. Kindle Fire For Mom

The iPad is an awfully pretty gadget and massages that ego spot nicely, however not many can shell out the $500 to $800 it costs to get one. However there;s a nice alternative that is equally as cool and can perform many of the functions that the iPad can. Her name is Kindle Fire and she comes from planet Amazon. Her cost? Under two hundred dollars shipped. She comes with a beautiful 7 inch full color screen great for watching videos, movies, recipes and magazines. Your mom can also easily and quickly surf the web, listen to music and so much more.

4. Designer Netbook

Netbooks have been pushed to the side ever since tablets came on the scene, however we still think they serve purpose and some manufacturers have created designer editions that any Mom would love. We particularly like the 10 inch Vivienne Tam edition – see one below.

There are lots of awesome geeky gift ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day, simply look around on sites like Think Geek, Amazon and Etsy and you’ll find plenty to browse through.

Which of the geeky gift ideas above do you most like? Tell me below.

Guest article by: Missy a freelance guest blog writer for APCodes.com, an Amazon promo code retailer on the web.

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