Does Your Mobile Phone Video App Really Suit Your Needs? 1Video apps for mobile phones is one of the hottest industries in technology right now. Technology is coming on in leaps and bounds and now we all expect to have it at our finger tips. This means mobile phone apps to get creative and busy with! Whether it’s making videos to edit and share, streaming them to watch or just to allow you to be social with your friends and family, then don’t panic, there is an app for that! This article looks at three different video apps which offer you three different uses depending on your needs. Firstly, the social butterfly, who simply wants to upload quick videos to the social networking sites for friends and family, then we look at people who want to test the waters and get creative and get professional, and finally the ones who just want to stream and watch!

Klip – Social Video Sharing

Klip is a very popular iPhone app which allows you to record video and edit with effects in real time capture mode and it a perfect example of social video sharing.You can upload your videos (or just select pre-recorded videos from your library to edit and use) and share them to your chosen social networking sites which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Klip library itself. With Klip’s latest instalment, video time has increased up to 3 minutes of film rather than snap shot seconds. This means you can express yourself more freely and evenly so you can really get your message across with less rushing! It’s because of Klip’s wonderful simplicity and ease to use which makes it perfect for social video fans. Take a video, add an effect if you wish, click upload to where ever you want it. Perfect!

1st Video – Creative and Professional Video App

1st Video is part of the VeriCorder company and offers a range of great features aimed at those who want and need a slightly more professional feel for their creativity. Aimed for iPhones and iPad users, particularly within professional circles, such as journalists who can hook it up to their newsrooms, this smart app allows you harness great quality features and editing options. Whether you want full control of your video capture, editing, sound system, broadcasting or podcast options, this app allows you to get professional on the go. And if that wasn’t quite professional enough, you can upgrade to their “1st Video Consumer” app which has even more professional video editing options. This app really does offer great, high quality video and video control for those who want to do more than just play around.

Babelgum – The Stream and Watch Video App

Babelgum is also an iPhone app for those who just want to watch rather than make, which is something that can be overlooked in video phone apps these days. Not everyone wants to get creative and make, some people are happy to appreciate thee forts others have gone to and watch them instead! This is exactly what Babelgum allows you to do. It allows you to stream TV shows, comedy, music, short films, animation and documentaries all to your phone. It allows you to create lists of videos you like and even share them with friends over social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This video app allows you to watch what ever you like, keep them safe so you can watch them again and share them with people you know would love them too, all from your phone. Why worry about making videos when you can simply just relax and watch them?!

Key Take Away

There are video apps galore out there but finding one that suits you is important. Think about the type of networking you do and what you want out of your videos to locate the apps which best suit your needs. If you like to make videos for friends and family, go for apps like Klip, if you want a more professional or commercial video app, 1st Video’s are great. And for those who want to relax and watch after a long day or are stuck on a train, video apps like Babelgum allow you to enjoy videos with no effort on your part. There really is something out there for everyone, you just need to know where to look.


 ~Image resource: http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_justified_sinner

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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