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Laptop, Tablet or Ultrabook: Which Computer is Right for You?

With so many new electronic devices on the market today, it can be overwhelming to discover the type of computer that would work best at your home and work. Here is a brief description of the traditional laptop, the tablet, and the Ultrabook. Hopefully, you can find which device suits you the best!


A laptop comes with a full keyboard, hard drive and storage, and usually a dual-core processor that helps make it such a powerful machine. It was made to fulfill an office’s needs in addition to providing a great screen for watching movies. Many laptops are Wi-Fi ready and come with a webcam and a battery that last from three to five hours. A spacious keyboard and wide-screen display (usually between 13 and 17 inches) make this the least portable device between the tablet and ultrabook, but it is nevertheless the most commonly used device as well.


A tablet is considerably more portable than a laptop and also offers a faster start up time. Its touchscreen ranges from five to seven inches and it is incredibly slim and light. It does not offer a traditional keyboard, however, but instead offers a virtual one. By using a different operating system and applications, the tablet manages to start up very quickly and also maintain a longer battery life that ranges from seven to 10 hours. Most tablets also support 3G or 4G networks for the ability to surf the web from just about anywhere. The downsides of the tablet, however, are how little storage and memory space it offers in addition to having fewer USB, SD and other external ports. The tablet is a better device for internet searches, watching short videos, and other web surfing, but it is not a great device for a task that requires lots of typing and that requires lots of memory space. Therefore, while it is a fascinating and fun device, it is not yet a replacement for a laptop.


An Ultrabook is a lightweight laptop that gives users the best of both a traditional laptop and a tablet. It is as portable as a tablet while maintaining, if not improving the functionality of a laptop. Coming in a screen size between 11 and 13 inches, Ultrabooks have the storage space, hard drive and processor of a laptop with an extended battery life of close to eight hours. As thin as a tablet, they slip easily into a purse or bag and are light enough to carry. Some Ultrabooks even have a touchscreen and can convert to a tablet, making them a great option for traveling and social networking, in addition to typing and general office tasks.

A laptop, tablet and Ultrabook each have their unique traits for web surfing, writing and multimedia. Which device do you prefer?

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