Avengers Fans – Can’t wait for the Movie? Remix your own trailer

Yesterday we got word of the Avengers Remix Editor and, being a huge comics fan, I had to run over immediately to make my own remix video.  I’m really looking forward to new movie coming on May 4 and having access to content like this just pumps up the excitement level even more.  I know this is by design but in this case, I don’t care.  The more I can preview the movie, the better.

That being said, I did look for a way to make a slightly funny remix and here is the result.  The working title was “Hawkeye: OOPS”


A WeVideo editor, integrated with the YouTube page,  provides the heavy lifting through a pretty decent flash interface. I had a couple small issues when trying to edit – when zooming in on the video timeline if you don’t click the mouse, the setting won’t stick.  If you move your mouse to the left or right the zoom levels will go out and in accordingly.

There are many video clips available. Most are very short and need to be combined to make a good story.

Here is a break down of the Avengers media available –

  • 29 action scenes
  • 34 character scenes
  • 21 story scenes
  • 4 songs
  • 20 sound effects
  • 6 voice overs
  • 14 transition effects
The video editor offers:
  • a video bar where you can drop/insert the video media
  • precision editing (you can split the video and cut, zoom in/out)
  • 2 sound track bars with volume control
  • overlapping sounds – this gives flexibility on how you apply sound effects to the project
  • 90 second ‘movie’ maximum
Avengers Remix/WeVideo Editor
I was pleasantly surprised by the editing tools available, especially the volume controls on the sound.  The video and audio clipping capabilities were also very nice.  If I had to pick out some negatives – after publishing, it was difficult to find the ones I made.  The title I used did not stick and my username was not applied.  Instead, it came across as  “Marvel’s The Avengers Video and Music Remix by […]”.  I’m sure this was a design choice that had to be made due to wanting to keep the titles safe for families.  I understand this need but it’s not obvious as you are working through the tool.  Even if your name isn’t there, it is still cool to be able to go view your creations on the YouTube site and share them with your friends.
If you are as pumped up as me about the Avengers movie coming out NEXT WEEK, go check out the remix editor and make your own previews to show your friends.  Nice job by Marvel/Disney and WeVideo for making this creative tool available for fans- I think it works well for both.
Another thing I noticed…if you access the wevideo site, it keeps your Google/YouTube credentials and shows you any saved Avengers Remix videos in your Project list.  You can then create copies of that work and add to it.  I’m not 100% sure they intended this to be the case and have sent off an email to check in on that feature.

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