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Off to the dentist we go……

Not a happy camper

Going to the dentist is always an adventure with my six kids. I always laugh when they call us a few days before to remind us of our visit. The receptionist will never just call and say something like ” The Huynh Kids” all have an appt on blah, blah at blah, blah time. She will leave a message and name EVERY single one of my kids and she always gets cut off before she’s done with her message. You’d think she’d learn.

We live in Brentwood, CA but still travel to San Francisco for our visits. I really like our dentist. But more importantly, she’s really good about allowing me to be billed. That’s a plus in my book. Imagine having to pay for say, three cavities times six. It can get pretty pricey. Darn those cavities!

Our dentist has exactly six chairs in her office and when we get booked, it’s usually her later part of the morning. Six kids equal six chairs. No more room for any other patients. So,it’s just us, Huynhs. With one or two kids being examined, one playing on their iPhone, Emma running from chair to chair until her turn is up, ¬†Erik and Nicholas watching their movies on their “personalized” screens, until it’s their turn, I’d say overall, everything goes smoothly….sometimes. Erik usually ends up crying just “because” and Emma gets bribed with treats to open up. Ah, yes….Our trips are always exciting and full of adventures. I’m sure the dental staff loves us to death and looks forward to seeing us every six months. Unless of course, someone has cavities (which is usually the case) and then our trips to the dentist are sooner and the chaos starts all over again. LOL

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