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Klout Launches OFFICIAL iPhone App

Klout, the marketshare leader for measuring your online influence, has just launched their official mobile app.

Yeah this is a big deal and worthy of coverage. One since I am part of the beta team that has helped shape what this app now looks like, and secondly because this now opens up a whole new marketing and potential user attraction model for the company. More about that in another post, we’ll focus on the launch of the app here.

The technical brains behind the development of this iPhone app really are the individuals from what used to be Blockboard. They were the first acquisition of Joe Fernandez and Klout  back in early February. Stephen Hood, founder of Blockboard states

In February Klout acquired my startup, Blockboard. The idea was that by joining forces we could quickly bring Klout to mobile phones and expand our understanding of influence in the real world. Since then we’ve been hard at work with our new colleagues and today I’m pleased to announce Klout’s first iPhone app!

Klout iPhone AppThere is valuable functionality in this v1.0 app release. You have the ability, obviously to track your Klout Score. You can even see your score without opening the app as you can set the option to have it displayed directly on the icon within your home screen. Another neat bit of functionality is that of push notifications – you can get notified when your score changes and when someone gives you one of those highly desired +K.

The ability to browse your influential topics and the topics of those within your sphere of influence is also a valuable function of the app.

What’s missing day 1? Well you can’t give +K from the app. I’ve been told by the team at Klout that will be coming pretty quick. I’m thinking that pretty quick will in fact be that, since this v1.0 went from concept to code-complete in about 7 weeks (Kudos to Stephen Hood and Joe for cracking the whip…)

The app is free, and available in the Apple App Store here. Android users don’t fret – your version is in the works.


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