Gary Vaynerchuk Wants To Buy Your Wine Business

Image of Wine Library TV's Gary Vaynerchuk.

No need in me explaining who Gary Vaynerchuk is – all you web savvy folk know that bit of trivia.

Gary V. has been Crushing It for years and gone from purely the business of wine to a global new media enterprise.

But that being said, probably his first love is still wine.

Earlier this afternoon Gary put out a note on Facebook and Twitter saying that he’s been thinking of expanding his business. is probably the ONLY place you need to be going to if you want to purchase great wines at a reasonable price. Yeah I know there are other online retailers, but now that you know Gary V. is behind you can definitely look to them as a trusted resource for all your vino needs.

If you have a wine business, and are contemplating selling your business, I’d jump on this speculation from Gary (before he changes his mind).

Keep up with Gary online: Twitter | Web | | winelibrary Twitter


James Hicks

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