When it comes to shopping for mobile phones, it can a jungle out there. Each brand telling you that they have the best features, best deals, their phones do everything and not only that but they do it better than everyone else. Do you want an iPhone or Android? Maybe Blackberry or Windows?  Do you want a phone that does what you need it to, or a brand? This article looks at why I love the lesser known Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Ace  and why I think it’s a great alternative to more fashionable brand names such as iPhone. It then questions if it’s fashion or features that make people buy big.

Samsung Galaxy AcePhones and Fashion: Is It All About The Apps? 1

Key Features: WiFi/ 3G/ 5MP/ camera/ video/ music player/ radio/ Gmail/ Gtalk/ phone storage memory: 160MB/ Card Memory: 32GB

This phone is one of my favourites and is what I currently use. A great sized, light weight phone with a very reactive, reliable and nicely sized (3.5″) touch screen. This phone is using the latest Android OS so means it’s up to date and on the beat. It does everything that I, personally, need from a phone. It makes calls (which we often over look as the main purpose for having a “mobile” phone),  texts, has WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth (something iPhones do not offer), access to all of my social networks, email and chat devices and other desired downloadable apps.

It’s not just keeping me connected and online that it’s good at. For those of you who like to take photos on the go, it offers a neat 5MP camera/ video capture with flash and digital zoom as well as shooting options. The photos are clear and crisp and the videos good quality. Great for people who like a phone that allows them to quickly capture the moment and share it with the world. Want to play with your photos afterwards? Download as many photo apps you like, Instagram now caters for Android so you don’t miss out on a great app that used to be exclusively iPhone!

The battery life on these phones are also pretty good. Like with any smart phone, battery life will drain quickly if you have a million apps open  but I have often gone 2 or 3 days without charging it and got by just fine, something iPhones can often struggle with.

It’s All About The Apps

It’s all very well talking about the features the phones have but in essence, they are all the same. The real difference is wich popular apps are compatible with which brands/phones and does it matter? Apple have their very own store and Android have “Play Store” where you can browse for the hottest apps. The key thing to remember is, just because some apps are exclusive to one or the other OS, it doesn’t mean their rivals have not released their own versions which are just as good. The problem is fashion. When you download an app and get talking about it, you are talking about a brand, a fashionable brand and that is what makes these phones different. Or is it?

A prime example of a fashionable brand app is Instagram. Until this year it was exclusive for iPhone. As the worlds hottest photo app, everyone with an iPhone had it and everyone who didn’t have an iPhone was jealous. No apps in Android market felt quite up to scratch but wait! What’s that? Instagram opened it’s consumer market and went Android friendly. Suddenly the photo app everyone wanted to use was available. We wanted the brand and we got it. When a fashionable app gets big enough, the likelihood is, it will become more accessible as it will have the confidence to want to increase its user base.

There you have it, an app that made iPhone popular because it was exclusive soon opened up to other OS’s. And if it hadn’t, apps like Vintage or Little Photo did the exact same thing and with even more effects. So does it matter? No not really, unless you want to join the masses and fit in with the fashionable technology.


In terms of phone features, in all honesty, many smart phones offer the same thing. Not all, but most and of course they do it slightly differently so it’s all about finding what you want and which phone offers the best solution. But don’t get confused between function and fashion, it’s not the same thing and can catch you out. If you want to be seen to have the latest must have gadgets, stick with Apple, if you want function without the price tag or just don’t care about the brand names, there are plenty of other options. And as for apps, shop around, there’s something out there for each phone and every need.


~Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lgallardo

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