How I consistently Get Traffic to My Blog from StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon logoIf you haven’t heard before, StumbleUpon is a big social bookmarking site, which can be responsible for almost 50% of your daily traffic, if you are able to maximize the use of it. Unlike the other regular blog posts you always come across on the internet about how to get traffic from social media, I’m not here to rant about things that won’t work for you. What I want to share with you today is what has worked for my news site.

I must tell you upfront, I didn’t know about any tricks on how to get thousands of daily visitors from StumbleUpon in the beginning. Rather, what happened was accidental, but the fortunate side of it is that I was able to take note of what led to that “accident.” So, what are the things I learnt?

Write Consistently 

One thing I was able to take note of, which I’m sure ignited the spike in traffic surge from StumbleUpon was that I publish articles on my blog consistently. Well, this could have been very easy for me because my blog is a news site which meant that I am required to update the site consistently.

I’m certain it would also work with my niche site which is all about open door loans and debt consolidation, your niche doesn’t matter.

But how did that contribute to the spike in traffic I’m consistently getting from StumbleUpon? Let me answer that below.

Always Stumble Your Article/News

In my own case, since my blog was stark new and had no source of traffic, I utilized Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon a lot. I practically shared all my articles and made sure other writers that write on the site shared their articles too.

This way I was able to note that the consistency you put into sharing your blog posts on StumbleUpon adds to the effect.

But that’s against the rule?

Yes, some people have said it’s against the rule but who cares? Even, Problogger was once banned from StumbleUpon for consistently bookmarking his site, but the irony of it is that his numerous readers did the bookmarking.

What Kind of Articles Brings Much Traffic from SU?

While I’ll encourage you to always bookmark all your articles, I want you to know that those articles won’t bring in traffic automatically. There are articles that would help you fetch in a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon, and those are articles written about Social Media.

Why articles written about social media?

That’s because StumbleUpon users tend to bookmark your articles if it’s related to social media. That’s just the way it is, based on what I’ve found out from my blogging experience.

Stumble Other Blogs

One thing many of us tend to do is share and bookmark any of our latest updates, and forget to do so with other sites. The first time my site got a huge amount of traffic from StubmbleUpon, I was glad about it and felt I should do it with my other sites like my payday loans blog. So I completely forgot about other bloggers – who are also other Stumbleupon users.

This affected my traffic from StumbleUpon and I wasn’t able to get the normal dose of traffic I usually get from StumbleUpon.

Once StumpleUpon sees you are only stumbling one website, they can easily tag the website to your account and reduce the amount of traffic they send out to you. But stumbling many sites will help position you as a natural Stumbler rather than make you appear as someone trying to exploit their system.


While the tips above have helped my site in one way or the other to get traffic, it does not translate that they are the rule-of-thumb for getting traffic from StumbleUpon. But, more than they will not, the tips in this article can help you get huge amount of traffic from SU.

Author Bio
Ayodeji is a blogger for open door loan which has payday loans faq.

How I consistently Get Traffic to My Blog from StumbleUpon 1
How I consistently Get Traffic to My Blog from StumbleUpon 3
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