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HP Labs Can Predict How Popular Your Tweets Will Be

HP LabsSounds a bit far fetched doesn’t it? Can any analytical tool really predict how many times your tweet will be looked at and even retweeted?

The team over at HP Labs has developed a formula that predicts the number of times a news “article will be tweeted with surprising accuracy.” As a matter of fact, the team predicted tweet popularity with 84% accuracy, based on ranking news articles by four criteria:

  1. News Source
  2. Category
  3. Emotional or Objective
  4. Name Drops

The Pulse of News in Social Media: Forecasting Popularity is the name of this incredibly interesting research study. The findings speak volumes to those looking to get the biggest bang for the buck (or tweet). With us living in a 24/7 instantaneous and global news economy it’s also interesting to see that time of tweet was not a ranking criteria.

Watch the video below to learn more about the study.

Video via Mashable | Image via shirtoid


James Hicks

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