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Apple Finally Updates Safari

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Apple is really fast when it comes to fixing things in their own backyard as Safari gets an update to repair a minor bug. It was just a couple weeks ago since the public release of the Safari v5.1.4 which features some new functions and because of some bug they have released the new version (5.1.5).

The said software update fixed the running of safari in 32 bit mode which has an effect on the usability of the browser. Other than that, no major or added features have been made to the Safari.

The next big thing after this browser update most probably is the release of Safari 5.2 which has the capacity to sync open tabs of iOs or iOs X Apple device. Other special additions are the OS X Mountain Lion which has includes other features like the iCloud tabs, address bar unification, etc. Rumors that this new browser revamps will happen after summer of this year.

To install the update you may go to Apple’s website and get it on Safari’s page or through the automatic system update.

[via Cult of Mac] [Safari Download Link]

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