I usually keep my iPhone in my pocket and at times that can be a little problematic.  If I want to capture something quickly on my camera or if it’s cold out and I’m wearing multiple layers of clothing, having to reach in to my pocket can be inconvenient.  So, in comes, iHangy™ – these products let you either clip your phone to a key chain device or clip to a silicon necklace so your phone can be at the ready at all times.Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 2


iHangy locks on to your phone, or any compatible device, using a similar locking mechanism to what used to come on the iPhone USB synch cables (see photos for comparison).  I tried it out on a first generation iPod touch, a 3GS, a 3rd generation iPod touch, my iPad2 and my 4S.  iHangy, as expected locked on to all of them.  I did not try to wear my iPad around my neck for a modern Flavor Flav look, but after pulling on the iHangy with some decent force, it seemed to stay locked.   If I’m not doing anything where my phone would sway a lot, or be pulled on a lot, I think I can probably learn to trust my phone to iHangy™.  Again, I pulled pretty hard, but not so hard that my connectors would get damaged, and it stayed locked.  One problem I did have is that in order to use the iHangy™ on my phone, I had to remove my Otter box case – the plastic around the bottom of the case was just slightly too thick to allow the lock to engage.  Keep that in mind if you’re looking at this for purchase.

Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 3














Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 4














The built in TouchPen is a little small.  With the locking mechanism and the cord in the way, it was more difficult to use that I was hoping but it was still functional.  I drew some pictures on the new game DrawSomething and having the little pen helped out and gave me more precision than just trying to draw with my finger tip.

Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 5














Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 6
Writing on iPad














When I first received iHangy™, I kept looking to see if there was a way to remove the pen from the lock but I could not.  In addition since I found no “one click” way to remove the cord, I had to leave it on.  In my photo you can see the best way I found to use the pen with the cord attached.   It’s not terribly inconvenient but not perfect either.

The strap on the necklace is comfortable and you can adjust it using a sliding lock.  This actually came in handy when I asked my son to try it out.  He’s only 6 and so being able to adjust the cord to make his iPhone hang at a different level came in handy.  I actually will be using iHangy this weekend when we have to go to a cheer competition and the kids will be taking their iPod touches. Keeping the devices around their necks will make them a lot harder to lose and give me some more peace of mind.  I probably would not have kids use the keychain attachment since I could easily see that resulting in scratched screens.  For adults being able to attach to a purse or belt loop would probably be very handy.

Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 7

Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 8
iHangy, white necklace version














The prices (found on the iHangy site) are $9.99 for the necklace and $12.99 for the keychain which are more than reasonable compared to much higher prices I’ve seen for other Apple compatible devices.  Frankly, I am surprised that the price is so low.

Overall, I think this product is a pretty cool idea and it seems to work as intended.  The pen is a little tricky to use but it works and it's pretty tough to lose.  The lock seems to stay locked and the bottom line is that it works as advertised.  Plus, the price is very low – low enough just to give it a try.


Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 9
Jackson, 6, was a huge fan!










Have you used this product or something similar?  If so, please share your thoughts.

Hands on: iHangy™ with TouchPen 10

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Lance Gilliland

Consumer Electronics. Technology. Media. Comics. Football. Family. Health. Entertainment. Great, now my fingers are tired.

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