Hot iPadYou know you've made it when no matter how good of a product you release; there is always someone who will find something wrong with it and blow it completely out of proportion.

Apple is no stranger to this phenomenon. Remember Antennagate? I do, and frankly that too was blown way out of proportion. Now Apple has a new Gate with the release of their third generation iPad that is being thrown around the Inter-webs – Heatgate. That's right folks, from those that brought you Antennagate, they now proudly bring you Heatgate.

See how ridiculous this sounds.

Media outlets and bloggers are already broadcasting and writing about this. Basically the new iPad gets warm when it is being used. Has it burned anyone yet? At this point, no one has reported being burned by Apple's latest iOS device. As much as I hate to see it; our friends at Consumer Reports are already hard at work to see if the iPad gets hot. A 9to5mac.com piece states that a “Spokesman for Consumer Reports, James McQueen, spoke to Bloomberg claiming it was too early to tell if the issue will affect its ultimate recommendation for the device.”. The piece goes on to quote James McQueen:

“We're doing some scientific analysis with thermal imaging. We're also going to check with our health experts, to see whether it's an injury risk.”

Let's hope that Consumer Reports finds this to be benign, and this can all blow over.

When I first used my new iPad on Friday it did get a bit warm, but not anywhere near where I could not hold the iPad. This happened when I was downloading my content from iCloud. When I was done, it stopped feeling warm. I have continued to use it all weekend, and not once did it get warm after that one time. I have even watched a movie on it, and played some games on it, and I have yet to feel it get warm.

Am I concerned? Not really. If it becomes an issue I know I can always take it to my local Apple Store and have them look at it. And if need be, they will replace it.

Please take what you see and read with a grain of salt. Is the media going to demand that Apple recall the iPad? I would have to say yes; that's just the media once again blowing it out of proportion. But the fact remains that Apple sold three million iPads in three days, and I seriously doubt that Apple will be recalling it's latest iPad anytime soon.

Now I would like to hear from you our readers. Have experienced your new iPad getting warm? If your iPad is not getting warm I would like to hear from you as well.

Maybe we can blow this out of proportion in a positive way.

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