How to Increase Productivity in Windows 7 with Free Internet Software

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Windows is one of the most preferred operating systems. Although Windows 7 is not relatively new in the market, it has many features that give it an outstanding edge over others. However, it still requires additional improvement. In this regard, you can increase its productivity by installing a variety of different internet software. What makes it more exciting is the fact that these are free of cost.

Resize Images

If you want to upload or send photos to your family members or friends, you will find it quite difficult and time-consuming because you need to resize each photo separately before sending. This is because Windows 7 does not have in-built software that can take care of your picture resizing needs with full accuracy.

However, you can now resize your photos in an instant without distortion. Software for resizing photos is easily available for downloading. You just have to right click on an image and resize it quickly. One such software is Image Resizer PowerToy Clone for Windows. The size of resizing depends entirely on you.

Install Anti-Virus Software

If you cannot surely say that your computer in protected from any virus, then this indicates that your computer can have viruses that slow down your computer. Therefore, it is essential for increased productivity that you install anti-virus software. The good news is that many of them are available on the internet for free. So download one of them as soon as possible.

Regarding this, Avast is free antivirus software that can be downloaded for your computer’s protection. It will protect your computer from identity theft, web viruses, and phishing schemes. Along with that, you will come across automatic updates after installing it. These updates will further enhance the safety of your computer. Internet services in my area enable me to download this software easily.

AVG is anti-virus software that contributes well in terms of increasing productivity if you are using Windows 7 on your computer. Due to its strong brand equity, people prefer it for protection. For those who use personal computers, it is best for them that they use the free version of AVG anti-virus software.  Moreover, its installation process is very simple. Therefore, even beginners can install it easily and use their computers without any fear of receiving threats.

Similarly, you can also download Microsoft Security Essentials to protect your computer from malicious software. It is also free and easy to use.

Convert Music and Videos

Due to advancements in technology, it is quite common to listen to music and watch movies on the computer as well as on cell phones and other devices. Although they enable you to download music and movies, they still lack the ability to convert music and movies into other formats. Regarding computer usage, you will need conversion software if you have passion for music and movies.

Such type of software is rarely found but still, you can download a program called Super. Its main function is to convert your video and music files into other formats.  You have to give some specifications while converting your files. These include your file’s resolution, sampling frequency, size, etc. In terms of downloading the software, internet services in my area let me do it easily.

Rename Files

Although it is much needed by its users, Windows 7 lacks the feature that can rename multiple files.  For example, if you want to rename 100 files with multiple file names, you simply cannot rename them in one go. Each file will have to be renamed individually. In order to solve this problem, there is a program available that renames multiple files simultaneously.

It is known as JMF Renamer. Besides this, you can use this program for other tasks including converting special characters, changing file extensions, converting letters from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa, changing text into numbers, capitalizing first letters of the file name, etc.

Printing on PDF

You can convert files such as web pages, documents, and pictures to PDF files by using a tool called PDF995. It saves files that you can print to the PDF file format. It has only one disadvantage, i.e. whenever you use it, you will come across many ads displayed by this program. Although it is annoying, but the program is so useful for increasing the productivity in Windows 7 that it is fine to bear this inconvenience.

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