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Hangout with uberlife at SXSW

uberlifeHello Austin, Texas…Prepare for the yearly festival of festivities that is SXSW.

We’ll be publishing a ton of news and updates from the week long activities so please bookmark THE Tech Scoop for our take on SXSW.

First out the gate, from the Interactive side, it looks like we have a community application looking to take on the big elephant in the room – Foursquare!

Quoting Techcrunch, this new app uberlife, is expected to be “The new Foursquare for future real-world meet-ups”.

The Goal

uberlife looks to be a real-world location-based social network that makes it easy to hang out with your online networks and new like-minded people in offline settings.


Users sign-up with Facebook or Twitter and create real world “hangouts” around where they are or intend to be.  Users can also discover and join hangouts happening around them, and search them by tags to find hangouts that match their interests to meet and socialize with other like-minded people.

Sanchita Saha, uberlife CEO and founder, explains:

“While social apps today are for sharing moments of our lives with our network,
uberlife is about making those moments happen.”

Additional uberlife features include:

  • A hangout creates an “umbrella” capturing guestlist, comments, check-ins and photos that act as a beautiful digital memory capture afterwards.
  • Users can import their Facebook Likes, connect their account and follow interest tags to receive nearby hangout recommendations.
  • Users earn a Connector Score when people who meet at their hangout start following each other. Think along the lines of your Klout score.
  • uberlife members can follow others to receive notifications when they create hangouts nearby and become “friends” only once they’ve hung out.

uberlife will be officially launching at SXSW.

SxSW provides an invaluable first opportunity to tap into the U.S. digital community, it’s the perfect environment, where thousands will be attending alone, to meet and hang out with new people. Uberlife is also the ideal tool for speakers, brands and bands considering hosting ‘tweetups’ to bring their fans and followers together at SxSW.”

For more information check them out on their website or follow on Twitter.
uberlife for iPhone - CitySocialising Ltd


James Hicks

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