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Make Your Own Rendition of ‘The Artist’

Congratulations to the silent film, The Artist for taking home the best movie award at the Oscars this year.

You want to make your own silent movie, easily? Well, iPhone and iPod Touch owners can do just that because yes, there’s an app for that…

Silent Film Director will allow you to do just that.

This isn’t necessarily a new app, it’s been in the app store for awhile, and it’s currently at version 2.1.0.

I say all that because, I’ve noticed there are some mixed reviews about the app, but the challenges appear to have been addressed with recent updates. And from what I understand, there is a significant update coming soon that will make Silent Film Director even cooler.

So what can you do with this app? There are standard features and a handful of pro features, which are available through in-app purchases. But everyone gets the following functionality:

A Variety Of Film Styles

  • 20’s movie
  • 60’s home video
  • 70’s home video
  • Black and White
  • Sepia
  • Vintage Sepia


  • 8 Built-in soundtracks
  • Upload Music from iPod
  • Upload Music via Sharing Folder from Mac or PC
  • Customize Video Speed

Social Media Sharing

  • Facebook, YouTube, Email
  • Submit your movie to the International Contest

Enough talk – here’s an example of what you can do with Silent Film Director

With all that awesomeness, Silent Film Director is also the official mobile partner of San Francisco Silent Film Festival and upcoming showing of Napoleon.

So without further ado – head over to the iTunes App Store and grab your copy.

James Hicks

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