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Hollywood Data Explorer [infographic]

The Oscars are coming !

No more fitting time to talk about and discuss the financial side of the movie business (as well as our favorite actors and they’re roles on screen).

SeeingStructure is easily becoming one of my favorite infographic designers. That team has put together some interesting  interactive infographics. One in particular is this one which is an interactive web application designed to explore some of the metrics coming out of Hollywood. The tool allows exploration of over 500 films from the past 5 years.

Experiment with the various chart controls, genres, and year options to see approximately how much it costs to run Hollywood.

Sidenote: INFOtainment News will have an on-the-scene team reporting from a handful of Oscar parties so follow us on Twitter to make sure you’re aware of all the happenings. AND our good friend Shira Lazar will be doing her thing and reporting live from all over LA during the event as well (we’ve embedded her livestream directly below all our posts here on INFOtainment News). You can follow Shira on Twitter as well.


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