20120214-223708.jpgIf you have ever used a hydration pack and found yourself needing water from it somewhere besides sucked your mouth, I have a solution for you; The Geigerrig Hydration Engine. This new, award winning, hydration system is compatible with any type of of hydration pack, and includes a pressurization system that allows the user to squirt water from the drink tube. I recently purchased one of these systems from TheClymb.com.

Hydration Bladder That Blows 1The Geigerrig I purchased arrived from TheClymb.com via carbon neutral shipping and in minimal packaging. The two liter system is similar in size to other brand's hydration bladders and has many of the same features. However what stands out right away is the second tube and connected bulb pump. This pump is used to pressurize the hydration system which allows the user to spray water from the drink tube. The ability to spray water from the drink tube is the defining feature that makes this system better than any other. Being able to spray water from the drink tube allows you to share water, not germs, spray your face and neck to cool down and wash mud off of gear and out of wounds.

Hydration Bladder That Blows 2The pressure bulb and tube can be detached from the hydration bladder with the push of a button and left at home for those concerned with excess weight and bulk. The drink tube can be removed with the push of a button as well. The bite valve on the drink tube is used like other hydration systems, by squeezing it with your teeth the valve opens and water squirts into your mouth. Or you can use your fingers to squeeze the valve and release a pressurized stream of water. I did find in my testing that the valve tended to drip, when left in the open position. Fortunately the bite valve has a twisting shutoff valve integrated in to the end of the tube. To stop the unwanted water loss, all I had to do was twist the bite valve into the closed position.

Hydration Bladder That Blows 3Different from other hydration bladders I have used, this one is SIMPLE to clean. My previous system came with a nylon brush and was like trying to wash a limp baby bottle. With the Geigerrig all you have to do is slide the closure clip off the top, reach your hand inside and pull the whole bladder inside out. Then you drop the whole bladder into the top rack of your dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. And if you forget how it works, the instructions are printed right on the bladder for easy keeping.

Compared to other systems I have used the Geigerrig is by far the easiest to fill as well. One of my other hydration bladders has a tiny hole in the top that you have to hold precisely under a faucet to fill, and any Hydration Bladder That Blows 4hand on the side of the bladder to support the weight of the water causes it to spill or not fill completely. My first hydration bladder had a 4 inch lid that required you to pour water into the bladder while it was lying horizontal on a flat surface. Plus the lid was a bear to thread and close properly. The top end of the Geigerrig bladder opens completely for easy filling by sliding a retaining clip off the folded over opening and for safe keeping the retaining clip has a lanyard attached to the bladder so you will never lose it. You then unfold the seal and open the bladder. One side of the bladder opening is reinforced for stability and provides and excellent grip for holding the bladder open while filling it up. And again, if you forget how to open and fill the system, the directions are printed on the bladder.

This hydration system is by far the easiest to clean, easiest to fill and the easiest to get clean fresh water out of. Every other hydration system requires you to suck the water out of your pack and into your mouth, the Geigerrig blows pressurized water from the drink tube, and that is why other systems suck!

Check out the video below from the inventor of the Geigerrig as he details all the features and uses

Hydration Bladder That Blows 5

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  • Looks like a good innovation, I can imagine using it to cool off when downhill biking. And anything that’s easier to clean that current models is a boon.

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