Photojournalism Goes Social [infographic]

iPhone photojournalism

Grab that smartphone and start video-reporting!

If you have a decent quality digital camera and a decent video camera on your mobile phone – YOU TOO can be a photojournalist.

The proof is in the reports and in the trends – more and more breaking news is being broke by regular citizens, on the street, capturing life events with their mobile devices.

This infographic lays out how smartphones are overtaking many point-and-shoot cameras in popularity: for example, the iPhone has surpassed the Canon Powershot in upload popularity on Flickr. It also examines the tension between “citizen journalism” and traditional photojournalism. While that’s a very new issue, I think it is well worth considering. It’s my hope that citizen journalists with smartphones can become a driving support to photojournalism, and that the proliferation of media from ordinary people will help keep the world at large more informed and aware.

 iPhone photo journalism infographic

[image via | infographic source]

James Hicks

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