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The Economics of the Super Bowl

The economics of the Super Bowl. We all know the game itself is only a fraction of the activities surrounding the event.

As of the last decade big brands, corporate sponsorship and the need for “Media Day” have brought about an entire week jam-packed with activities.

The ads – well now that’s where the BIG dollars are spent. Any company willing, and able to spend $1 million for 30 seconds of exposure has to be paid attention to.

Watch this video as Jon Swallen, senior vice president of research for Kantar Media, a leading ad tracking company, shares his insight into Super Bowl advertising. Kantar Media has studied trends in the games commercials over the last 10 years. This year the Super Bowl goes high-tech, live streaming on the web with commercials different than those TV viewers will see offering marketers even more opportunities to reach their audience. (Source: Bloomberg)

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