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MacBook Air Docking Station

Since Apple won’t build it, we have to look to 3rd-party innovation to build us MacBook users that much need docking station.

Now that I have moved over to a MacBook Air I’m especially intrigued by this latest Kickstarter project, that was at MacWorld|iWorld last week. It’s from an organization called LandingZone and after only a few weeks listed on Kickstarter, they’ve reached their target numbers and are going forward with production.

Here are the specs

  • Total of 4 USB 2.0 ports; no need to attach a separate USB hub
  • Built in 10/100T Ethernet port; no more dongles for the Ethernet or fumbling with the cable
  • Built in Mini DisplayPort capable of driving resolution up to 2560×1440
  • Built in locking port compatible with all the Kensington Locks; now you can secure your MacBook Air
  • Two models to support either the 11″ or 13″ version of the MacBook Air (2010 or later)
  • Beautifully designed and engineered for simplicity, elegance, reliability and functionality (patent pending)
  • Comes with US power adapter which accepts wide range of input voltage (100~240 Vac)

Since they’ve already reached funding goals, the early adopters have gotten the sweet pricing deal. So for the rest of us, it looks like LandingZone is going to charge $200 for both the 13 and the 11-inch models of the dock. Shipping is expected to as early as February for the 11-inch and March for the 13-inch model.

Yeah – I’m getting one of these.


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