Apple Presents 3 New Apps – iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U

Sad but true – textbooks will be a thing of the past now that technology giant Apple unveiled 3 new apps that will improve education.In this modern age of technology, students tend to get bored using their school books. But since iPads have become a popular trend among everyone especially the youth, Apple believes that it can be a great learning tool to help the students in their education.

The technology company aims to make students study harder and learn more by integrating the textbooks into the iPads through these 3 new interactive apps. There’s no need to bring several heavy books for different subjects. A portable iPad will replace them all and will actually offer some more.

Apple introduced iBooks 2, an app that will definitely change the way students learn in their classroom. Since this app is free, everyone can download it. iBooks 2 will make the textbooks more fun and interactive by offering features such as videos, photo galleries, 3-D models for Science classes, Q&A sections, ability to search for information quickly, and multitouch gestures among others.

The interactive textbooks will be made using another free Mac app called iBooks Author. This app makes it easy for book publishers to create textbooks as it includes several templates to choose from, easy controls as well as other features for customizing each book. The textbooks can then be downloaded from iBookstore for affordable prices, ranging from $14.99 or less.

But Apple isn’t done yet. It also will offer another amazing app for teachers and professors alike. Called iTunes U, this free app allows teachers to do a lot of things with their iPads such as making lectures downloadable for students, posting messages, creating assignments and many more. It is definitely a one-stop place for your students.

With these 3 new apps, change in the educational system is inevitable. But I think it’s good to embrace change especially if it’s for the better.

[via MSNBC | image via 9to5mac]

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