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Holler: The Latest Tech Pivot

Nick O’ Neill has decided it’s time for a change in focus – or as what has been affectionately referenced in the technology startup industry, pivot.

In an email to current usersthe Holler Co-Founder and CEO wrote, “…While we’re still interested in pursuing something in this space, we’d like to take a completely different approach to the process. As such, we’re shuttering the system effective today. I’ve learned from my previous experiences that it’s good to fail quickly so that’s what we’re doing.”

What Holler tried to do was to provide a platform, based off of your iOS device, that allowed users to connect with people around them for events and various other activities. Sort of a GPS crowd-sourced coordinator app (that’s how I’m describing it…)

The couple of times I used it, the app was cool, honestly I never really got into it just because that usage space is so crowded, which probably explains the pivot.

But instead of my rambling, why not hear directly from Nick on the good, the bad, and the future of his entrepreneurship endeavors.


I wish Nick and team nothing but the best and I’m certain the next thing from his lab will be even cooler!!


James Hicks

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