The Golden Globes are considered the “fun awards show” by many because of it’s unique set up where it’s almost a dinner and with most dinners, there’s also drinks and celeb filled tables.

For years, the Golden Globes have had an air of elegance yet silly antics fill the show. This year they bring back controversial British comedian Ricky Gervais, who made quite the splash last year with his irreverent humor and nonchalant attitude toward Hollywood and everyone in it. We decided to look up Mr. Gervais on the web and see what fun facts we could dig up on the wild man and below are our findings.

1. Been Dating Current Lady Friend Since 1982 – He met his current girlfriend (Jane Fallon) at the University College of London and they’ve been together since 1982. This is also where he studied philosophy and graduated with top honors.
5 Fun Facts About Ricky Gervais 1

2. The Office, Only Ran For 2 Years – Ricky Gervais’s main claim to fame is a British comedy called The Office which is the same TV show we in the US modeled after that starred Steve Carell. The show only ran from 2001 to 2003 but became hugely popular after it ran and it has since become a cultural phenomenon. Episodes of the now defunct TV show can be found on Amazon, Hulu Plus and other web venues if you want to know what it’s all about and how it catapulted Ricky to full blown stardom.
5 Fun Facts About Ricky Gervais 2

3. He’s Loves To Tweet – has over one million followers and tweets regularly. His handle is his name and he loves to show pics as well including one very controversial shot of him as Jesus via a microphone, strap and crown. All tongue in cheek of course, as he added to the pic that the image below could be used for an exercise DVD aimed at atheists.
5 Fun Facts About Ricky Gervais 3

4. He’s An Atheist – he has repeatedly mentioned in various interviews that since the age of 8 he doesn’t believe in god and is therefore an atheist. His girlfriend of 29 years mentioned above is also an atheist. However it’s not clear why from what I could find, regardless this is his chosen faith. Or lack thereof.
5 Fun Facts About Ricky Gervais 4

5.He’s A HUGE Animal Lover – he has several pets including a few rescue cats and is known for supporting various animal rights groups and organizations. He once tweeted about the horrific fur industry and exactly how he feels about those who buy fur. Let’s just say it was anything but polite or subtle, in other words unapologetic just like Ricky himself.
5 Fun Facts About Ricky Gervais 5

There’s lots more to British comedian Ricky Gervais including being a host of the Golden Globes awards show, we hope he comes back next year and turns the three hour show into a fun filled evening.

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