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Create Playlist Easily with Taglists by Eye-C

Taglists by Eye-C is a new social media app for iPhone that allows users to create and share music, photos and videos from different sources such as YouTube, Facebook, Sound Cloud, and Picasa. It includes a timeline where you can see different tags made by you and your friends.

Similar to Twitter, Taglists by Eye-C uses a hash tag (#) to put music, photos, and videos together in the same hash tag.  It lets you and other users create a playlist or you can join in one of the many playlists that already exist. As more people start tagging different things on the same hash tag, the playlist will eventually get bigger and bigger.

Search for a variety of hash tags or simply enter any keywords in the search box. When you’ve found an interesting playlist, you have two options in watching it – you can enjoy viewing the items one at a time or press the play button below your screen to watch it in succession.

You can also connect to Facebook and look at the recent songs, pictures and videos of your friends. You can even share your taglists there for your friends to see. What’s more is that Taglists by Eye-C isn’t limited to your iPhone. You can also watch playlists in other devices like your iPad, iPod touch, TV, computers, A/V receivers, Xbox 360 and more.

Visit the App Store for you to download this interesting app for free.
Taglists by Eye-C: Mix & Share Playlists from YouTube, SoundCloud and More to Play on your iPhone, TV & Apple TV - Eyecon Technologies, Inc.

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