3 Fun Fuel Saving iPhone Apps For Drivers

If you’re an iPhone toting, SUV driving all around American, then you also love to save money and save on gas especially since it’s hovering close to $4.00 as of last count. With the many iPhone apps on the web, it’s no chore finding apps that do both – save gas and save you money. We found three great free apps that allow you to use the built in functionality of your iPhone to find gas stations near you along with other cool features.


If we missed your personal favorite, please chime in below in the comment area and share a link to the apps you use and love.

1. Cheap Gas – this iPhone app lets you find nearby gas stations so you can price compare and get gas at a low cost station. Sometimes a station further down the block will be as much as ten cents cheaper and this small change can make a BIG difference on a single or multiple fill ups. The free gas saving app is good throughout all of the US (plus Canada) and you can search by zip code.

2. Around Me – this cool and free app allows you to also search for gas stations near you but you can search for a lot more, including ATM stations, banks, hotels, movie theatres, hospitals, etc. This can come in quite handy when you’re in an area you’re not familiar with and need to access one of the above mentioned places quickly and with ease.

3. Carticipate – here’s a super cool app that if used properly should save you quite a fantastic amount of gas, not too mention a good chunk of cash as well. The app facilitates car sharing and or ride sharing by allowing you to coordinate your rides with friends and or family members. There’s a neat scheduling feature that allows you to preset rides in advance and those going or coming your way can sort of schedule themselves to join you. Very cool.

There are many more similar fuel saving iPhone apps on the web and the app store, the three mentioned above are a good start and a great way to save gas and money while out and about in your car. Give them a try today.

This guest article comes courtesy of eco living freelance writer Missy Diaz who works for Track Compare UK, where you can compare fuel cards on the web.


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