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The IAWTV Awards – at CES January 12, 2012

The inaugural IAWTV Awards show is to be held the evening of January 12, 2012 during the prestigious International CES in Las Vegas. 

The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) Awards is an official web television industry awards show established for content creators, by content creators. The event serves as a platform for members of the IAWTV to honor the best of their profession, while networking among industry luminaries and supporting the IAWTV.  Proceeds raised from the show are used for the betterment of the community by providing more member resources as well as professional development and education for professionals working in web television.

Web television, also sometimes referred to as Web TV, is a rapidly growing genre of digital entertainment distinct from traditional broadcast television by delivering original Web television shows or Web series directly to audiences via the Internet.

Original Web television shows, or Web series, are short-form in nature (usually 2–11 minutes per episode), episodic, and produced in seasons. Some notable series include The GuildLonely Girl 15Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along BlogProm QueenEpic FuRed vs. BlueAnyone But MeHomestar Runner and many others.

The International Academy of Web Television is a nonprofit organization comprised of leaders in the field of web television, web video, and the digital entertainment industries. Founded in 2009, the IAWTV is helping to shape the rapidly evolving web television industry while providing a venue for the acknowledgement of artistic and technological achievement in original entertainment distributed on the open internet. IAWTV members include actors, composers, content developers, directors, editors, producers, technology innovators, writers, and other industry professionals all of whom joined the organization based on their passion and dedication to advance the craft of web television.

To learn more about The International Academy of Web Television visit their site at

To see this years categories and nominees visit


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