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Jay Z “Paints the Sky Blue”

Hip-Hop lyrics, in their truest form, are a window into the soul of the griot.  When you listen to H0v-Baby spit on any one of his many albums, you know he is sharing a piece of who he is on the track.  Hova spits the truth. If you take issue with his commercial success and appeal, you still cannot deny . . . he spits the truth.

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Glory” is from the heart.  There is not one wasted bar, or line, in the entire song.

“False alarms and false starts, all made better by the sound of your heart.  All of the pain of the last time, I pray that it was the last time.” If you know what those lyrics mean, you know Jay Z is about to, what we call, break down the science regarding the love he has for his first born.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been many song dedicated to first borns.  What differentiates this track from others, is the effortless flow Hova combines with specific incidents in his life to profess his love and devotion to Ivy Blue.  It is the use past events from his life to illustrate his adoration and love for Ivy that makes Jay Z a genius, a true artists.

Even if you are not a fan, the lyrics alone are enough to make you tear up.  If that doesn’t do it, hearing Ivy Blue’s rap debut at  the end of the track is enough to make you choke a little bit.  If not, you must question your humanity.

For the fans and humans, sit back, click here, turn up the volume, close your eyes, and let’s celebrate the love of a father for his new-born.


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