World’s First Solar Powered Kindle Cover from Solarmio

Did you recently get a Kindle from Amazon for Christmas or perhaps your birthday? If so, you might be interested in the cool new cover noted below from Solarmio, a company based in Taiwan.

This is the world’s first solar powered lighted cover for the Amazon Kindle e-reading device. As the name implies the cover is powered by the Sun and when you add the e-reader to the case the juice is transferred from case to gadget. Once fully charged you get up to three days of use for digital reading, as noted in the page from Solarmio.

For up to three days of use, it’s recommended you leave the case in direct sunlight for up to one hour. The solar powered Kindle case is made from a leather or leather like material and works the same as most other cases, you simply slide or attach your Kindle e-reader to it.

This cover is great for those who travel outside the US and or hike, bike or go on trails without good power outlets and like to read while out and about. Should you need to pull out your digital reader in an area with low or inadequate power, this cover should do the trick. Solarmio mentions that the solar cover for Kindle should be available January 15th.

This guest article contributed by Missy who works for a high speed internet broadband company.


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