The 5 Best Piano Bar Pianists

Piano bar musicians are unlike any other musician around. To be a successful piano bar pianist, someone must be a talented, versatile performer with an extensive knowledge of popular songs and a strong stage presence. Piano bar pianists may or may not provide vocals as well as playing, and should be able to play song requests. Some of the greatest musicians in history have played at piano bars, and there are immensely talented pianists playing piano bars today.

The Five Best Piano Bar Pianists

Many famous musicians have played at piano bars or even made their start there. Here are five modern musicians who have been seen hitting the ivory keys at well known piano bars.

1      Billy Joel – The hit song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel is based on his own personal experiences playing piano bars at the start of his career. His iconic song is a classic among piano bars around the world.

2      Sir Elton John – Elton John is known for putting on stupendous rock shows, complete with his incredible skills as a songwriter and pianist. Not only is he one of the most successful musicians of all time, but has played shows in thousands of venues. His music is naturally at home in a piano bar.

3      Alicia Keys – Alicia Keys is one of the leaders in pop piano music. Her musical talent is quite unique, having graduated as valedictorian from the Professional Performing Arts school.

4      Lady Gaga – With her bold style choices and widely enjoyed pop music, Lady Gaga isn’t the most expected musician to frequent piano bars. However, her music tends to incorporate interesting piano melodies, making her perfect for piano bar shows.

5      Miles Mosley – Miles Mosley was recently seen performing with his band at a famous piano bar in Hollywood and delighting the audience with jazz and rock music.

Five Piano Bar Pianist Who Can Be Seen Today

At a lively piano bar in Philadelphia, Duel, patrons can see five of the best pianist out there presently. The energy and skill of these musicians entertain patrons every night with their classic rock songs and dueling piano bar shows.

1      Anthony “Tony T” DeCarolis – Since age 8, Tony has been playing both piano and guitar and pursued those interests through college at the Philadelphia Music Academy and the knowledge he gained their in piano and music composition launched him into his career as a professional musician.

2      “Wildman Joe” Marchetti – Anyone who has seen Wildman Joe Marchetti perform would never guess that he is a self-taught musician. At a young age he taught himself to play piano, accordion, guitar, and harmonica. Joe Marchetti has been in musical partners with Tony DeCarolis since 1991, playing across the United States.

3      Joe Snyder – Joe Snyder became captivated with rock ‘n roll piano music after seeing rock favorite Elton John perform life. After that, he put aside his interest in jazz trombone and began playing duel piano bar style music and has been playing at Duel Piano Bar since 2009.

4      Stu Shames – Stu isn’t just an incredible performer, but has written two successful musicals and has toured all over America. In 2003 he founded the Philadelphia Songwriters Project and is still an active member of the Philadelphia music scene.

5      Brian Aglira As a full time musician, Brian does it all: writes, records, performs, and teaches. He entertains audiences across the country and was able to record his first studio album in 2008.

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