10 Places to Spend Your Retirement

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Retirement is a time to make a change in life. Every retiree has their own dream of how to send this part of their life. Where do they want to go? What do they want to do? Some people go on to have second careers. Some people dream of traveling. Some people want to move to a completely different part of the country, or the world.

Here are ten places to think about spending your retirement years:

  • Portland, Oregon – In the moderate climate of the North West, Portland stands out for its culture, cuisine, and easy living. Green living has much of its roots in this town.
  • Tucson, Arizona – Rich with history, culture, and good food, Tucson, Arizona is a jewel in the midst of the South West’s desert retirement areas. The lower cost of living makes it very attractive.
  • St. Augustine, Florida – With the beauty of Florida’s weather, golf and fishing lovers will thrive in this resort area. Notes for its history, this area offers great year-round living.
  • Kapispell, Montana – With breathtaking mountain views, freshwater recreation, and beauty all around, Kapispell is a beautiful option to those who want to retire some place a bit different.
  • Lynchburg, Virginia – Home to a rich history, Lynchburg is a great choice for anyone who wants easy access to education, higher learning, and the fun of a college town in the midst of the mountains.
  • Austin, Texas – With lower humidity and less heat than Houston, Austin is the jewel of Texas with a rich college life, thriving culture, low cost of living, and great weather year round.
  • Columbia, Missouri – Low cost of living, higher education, and a good economy are only a few reasons why retirees are coming to the central part of Missouri’s biggest town, Columbia.
  • Fargo, North Dakota – With a good economy, low crime rates, and many outlets for those who want an active lifestyle, Fargo is great option.
  • Savannah, Georgia –
  • Las Cruces, New Mexico – With high desert living, rich culture, low cost of living, and a good climate, Las Cruces sits amidst the beauty of the mountains at the Rio Grande Pass.

Each of these locations has its own draws for people in their retirement years. Some people prefer to find a Full Sail apartment.  Each person or couple needs to make their own choice, but this list will get your search started. You can make an entirely new start in one of these places when you retire.

10 Places to Spend Your Retirement 2
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