Apple has 348,894 apps and Android applications are just over 70,000. The Android market doesn’t have as many as iPhone applications, but it still have a bunch of applications that can mesmerize you, as it’s growing at an immense pace.

Here is a review of Android applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed on your mobile, as they are quite famous nowadays.

Google Voice
Google Voice is one of the best Android apps. Although, apple rejected it for the iPhone, but yet, it is a very handy application to use. It gives you a free number to receive calls, and sending messages. You can even use it to access your voicemail and text messages.

Advanced Task Killer
This is a great application from Android. It allows you to manage and close all your Android applications that run in background, so that they don’t suck battery or hurt mobile performance.

Every Note
Now, you don’t need to type on virtual keyboards. Every Note is a great note-taking android application that just not lets you save data on your mobile, but also allows you to sync it to other machines and devices.

Since Google doesn’t have any official Android application for Google Analytics. So, as an alternative, Droid Analytics can be used to do the Google Analytics jobs.

Quick Office
Quick office is one of the best android apps. It allows you to read and write files for Word and Excel either from your cell or directly from your Gmail account.

Amazon Kindle
Amazon kindle is among the best android apps. Whenever you have time to read, you can read e-books on your smartphone easily through this app.

Places Directory

Places Directory is a tremendous Android application for searching shops, restaurants, hospitals, movie theatres and cafeterias near your current location. It always show accurate results and is better than any other GPS Android application.

It is just one of those best android applications on Travel that keeps a tract of all your itineraries. It has a powerful system. All you do is forward your confirmation emails for flight, hotel, car rentals to Tripit and it will organize all the details and numbers for you.

Most of your contact lists are saved on different computers, devices or online services. Gist is a great Android application that will help you bring them all together to one place. It also has the ability to pull data from the web to keep you up-to-date with your contacts.

Dial Zero
Dial Zero is used for call assistance purposes. This Android application helps you to quickly get through the phone calls where you have to keep pressing “0” until you get to the real person.

Google Goggles
Another application among the best Android apps is Google Goggles. This application is basically a visual search engine. You add pictures and then, it tries to tell what they are about. It can also read the content written over the images and translate it into any language.

Fx Camera
Fx Camera is among the best Android applications, because it offers you great camera controls, plenty of customization options, and some great photo effects.

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