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15 Minute App Review – Super Stickman Golf


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This is no Tiger Woods golf with all the great graphics and in-depth game play but in my 15 minute tryout, I was pretty entertained.  Basically you’re a little stick guy and you play golf – the controls are simple, you adjust the angle of your shot then you control the power by tapping the go! Button.  You tap once to start a little green gauge then one again to stop it.  Depending on where you want the ball to go, you either want the gauge to be full or only partially filled.

Using your fingers you can zoom in and out of each map to review the terrain, account for any obstacles and determine the best shot path.

Along the way, you unlock different types of power ups – I only made it through the first round and earned a ‘stickyball’ which sticks to stuff.

Entertainment value  3.9/5

I can’t say I’m aching to play again, but I probably will.

Ease of Use 4.5/5

The game is very easy to use.  Since you do not have to hammer on the buttons or look away from the screen while you’re tapping, the controls are very easy.

Likelihood of replay 4/5

As I mentioned, I’ll probably play it again.

Graphics and Sound 3/5

For a ‘stickman’ game, I don’t expect a lot so even though I scored this relatively low –– I was not disappointed.  There was no music during the main game play but during the selection screens there’s an old-school-video-game-sounding track that plays in the back ground.  I imagine that would get annoying over time but you can turn down your volume or, I think, shut off the music.

Overall 3.85/5

If you’re not looking for fancy graphics, this game seems like a good fit for a golf or gaming fan.  I have not yet tried the multiplayer but that seems to be a nice added touch too.

Where to get it

itunes link

How much is it

The cost of this app seems to vary quite a bit – as of this writing it’s $0.99



Game Play










Hey I hit a hole in one!










I earned a new 'special ball'










In game tip system, nice touch





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