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6 Holiday Movies Least Likely on Your Must-Watch List

The Holidays: It's all about togetherness

It sounds cliche, but the holiday season is indeed my favorite time of the year.  People tend to be kinder, food tend to be tastier, and best of all, I get to shop to my heart’s content.  Legitimately.

72 hours of power shopping later, my holiday shopping is complete.  Casualty: my next paycheck.

The mayhem of wrapping paper, gift boxes, shopping bags, receipts, and bubble wrap strewn all over my house is enough to make one wonder, uneasily, “I hope I don’t find the body of Santa Claus somewhere in here…”

Retail-induced... the best kind of intoxication.

“Babe,” my fiance calls out to me from a cardboard box mountain somewhere in the living room, his omnipresent tone is not unlike the ghost of Christmas, “you are completely missing the spirit of the holiday season.  The holidays isn’t about giving and receiving gifts.  It’s about togetherness.”

So in the spirit of togetherness, and to infuse some proper holiday spirit back into my retail-intoxicated mind, he found a list of holiday movies for us to watch together.  I have not even heard of most of the movies on this list, nor have I seen any of them.  They are definitely not a conventional go-to holiday movies.  But let me know what you think.  I’ll try to minimize the spoilers.

Santa’s Slay: A twist on the real identity of Santa Claus.  In this story, he’s not the jolly old Saint Nick we know and love.  He is a demon that delivered gifts to the world because of a lost bet with an angel.  Now that the bet had expired, he’s ready to kill and maim.

Gremlins: A father’s Christmas gift for his son takes a scary turn when he bought his son Mogwai pet and the boy inadvertently unleashes mischievous reptilian creatures to rampage their small town.

Bad Santa: A crook posed as Santa Claus robs malls during Christmas.  But a socially awkward boy changes his outlook on life and makes him reevaluate his life choices.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: Consistently deemed as one of the worst movies ever made (Christmas or not), the plot of this movie surrounds Martian abducting Santa Claus and two children to make toys on Mars.

Stalking Santa: This mockumentary features a self proclaimed, “Santologist” who is determined to scientifically prove the existence of Santa Claus.  Watch as he tirelessly takes on government conspiracies, corporate suppression, and fake mall Santas.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian: The most popular British movie in the U.S. in 1979 is a story about Brian Cohen, who was born on the same day as Jesus Christ.  Born only a few doors down from the son of God, Brian was mistaken as the future King of the Jews by the three wise men, and continues to be mistaken for the Messiah.

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