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Every time I hear Rick Perry open his mouth, all I expect to hear is the work “strategery” come out of his mouth. When he does say “strategery” it will confirm my suspicion that he is nothing more than GWB with a dye job and face altering plastic surgery. Have you ever seen the two of them in the same room together? If they are not the same person, Bush 43 must be on Perry's speech writing team!

So here we go…Governor Perry in this clip does not know how old you need to be to vote or on what day we go to the polls! By the way Governor, voting age is 18 and we elect the president on the first Tuesday of November, which will fall on the 6th next year. But no worries I am sure you will not have to worry about it.

Governor Perry wants to eliminate whole cabinet departments once elected, but he just can't remember which ones they are, oops! As a side note Governor Perry, it must be nice to be so wealthy that you did not need a grant or loan from the Education Department to got to Texas A&M and nearly flunk out!

Governor Perry shows us he can't follow the simple rules of debate and apparently thinks Governor Romney has time to oversee the lawn work at his house.

AND…after cutting off his debate opponent show us how he doesn't like to be cut off, or asked tough questions.

Let's not forget this gem…the Governor from the great state of Texas doesn't believe in the empirical data that supports global climate change.

Governor Perry thinks Woodrow Wilson was in office a decade ago. Hmmm…has it only been 10 years since WW1?

I could go on and on with this post but the video I really want to show you next has not been recorded yet. When Rick Perry finally realizes he no chance in hell of winning the presidency, I will post that video below!

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Stupid Things Politicians Say - Rick Perry Edition 1

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    • Thanks for reading the post Charlotte.

      Perry definitely is a sound bite gold mine. Usually I mix things up with other clips, but Rick earned a post all his own! @Charlotte74

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