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Forget the Phone Number – Use SocialDial Instead

Bababoo, Inc. today announced the release of SocialDial, a new, free mobile app for both iPhone and Android that lets you call and text Facebook and LinkedIn friends without having to know their phone numbers. Users simply log in once to their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and SocialDial builds a new address book that includes all their friends and contacts. Users can call or text any of them simply by touching on their name.

“For the last 130 years, the only way you could call someone was to have their phone number, it was their unique identity, their only identity as far as the telephone company was concerned,” said Randy Adams, CEO of Bababoo, Inc. “But today we have lots of unique identities, our Facebook name, our LinkedIn name and our email address, just to name a few. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to call someone based on those identities, and that’s exactly what SocialDial lets you do.”

SocialDial expands your mobile phone book to include people on your social network and lets you communicate with anyone in that network by texting or calling them.

SocialDial also lets you make group calls; you can instantly set up an invitation-only conference call among people on your social network as well as people on your regular phone list. And unlike VoIP systems that produce poor quality calls on mobile phones, SocialDial uses your carrier’s local connection to provide the highest quality call possible while greatly reducing the cost of international calls. Those are the features I’m going to be testing here soon to see exactly how good they are – stay tuned for an update to this post.

For more information check them out on their website | Twitter | Facebook

Bababoo isn’t new to mobile technology and innovation – check out the video below of their first product offering that was launched earlier this year.


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