How to keep calm, when your kids are driving you nuts

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Getting your 3 year old’s fingers out of the laptop keys can sometimes be really challenging. When you just want those 15 minutes to send an important e-mail (or any other work for that matter), you realize that some very tiny fingers pop up intermittently to hinder your work. At the time when you want the most elevated level of concentration, you are left with plenty of distractions. All your words now appear wrongly spelled (as if you never worked on your vocabulary in school). The punctuations appear incorrect, the spacing irregular, etc. etc. No matter how hard your request for gratifying you those 15 minutes, your child wont’ oblige!

This can be among the many situations you would be experiencing. Your visit to your friend’s house (having similarly aged children) would reveal a parallel situation. The bottom line is – all of us have experienced (or are experiencing) similar situations sometimes in life.

Parenthood is an outstanding experience of life. It is filled with happiness, but is also marked by simultaneous stress and endless responsibilities. Although demanding, it is undoubtedly rewarding. It is like a tree – the stronger is the groundwork, the better shall be the branches. Sometimes, parenthood can bring really testing times for you.

Dealing with troubling situations involving your kid(s) requires some common sense accompanied by lots of patience. Here you can find some tips which can be helpful when dealing with unwanted troubling situations.

Take a break – Your daily schedule may want every tick of the clock to be assigned for certain work. But it is not mandatory to behave a ‘supermom’. When you find it appropriate, take some rest from the never-ending everyday tasks. If possible, have a short nap. It may be obvious wanting to complete the task while your child sleeps. But taking a nap would not affect your work schedule much. You can regain more energy after the nap to work with a fresh mind. Tell your kids that resting is important and they need not be restless throughout the day. Take your kids together with you for the nap, if you wish. If you have concerns about the security of your house, get some childproof doorknobs and toddler gates.

Music and yoga – You can re-start working on your music lessons, if you have left because time did not allow you to do so in the past. You may be reluctant of the noise that it would add to your already noisy house (and your neighbor as well). But with some initial hiccups, you should get things on track. Encourage your kids also to participate (if you think music would overpower noise). It would keep them busy, while trying their skills at the new art. The classical music can work wonder, if you can find an interest here.

There are apparently some good yoga postures to relieve you of stress. You can practice some of the postures to de-stress yourself. Involve your kids also, if you want to.

Analyze – Generally, the toddlers get disturbing when they are ignored. Try to keep them engaged somewhere so that it leaves less chances for any power struggle to arise. Give them a movie to watch, or a puzzle to solve. This would allow you to accomplish your work, keeping them busy and trouble-free.

The reactions revealed by your kids are natural. Try to know the reason behind and eliminate the cause, as far as possible. Children are good at copying you. If you behave badly, they would reiterate. Do not loose calm (as far as possible) in any situation.

Mark your words – Be careful of the way you react to your kids’ annoying behavior. Instead of screaming and scolding, use clear and simple words. Be calm but firm. Children will pick up on any hints of stress, especially when they are a little grown up (like the school-goers). Praise your children for the good they do. It may seem difficult applauding your children because of all the trouble they create. But when you start praising them, you can expect more good behavior from their side.

Avoid slapping – Make note of your body’s warning signs. This will enable you to gain better control over yourself. If your child is grown up, share your feelings with him/her. When you feel too disturbed or out of control leave the place for some time. You can also end the matter stating that it would be discussed later (when you are in a controlled mood).

It is common to find parents losing their cool. There is no gain in reacting in a manner which would make you have regret (s) later. When you are relaxed, ponder over (not brood) improving your relationship with your children. The earlier you start, the more you (and your kids) shall be benefiting.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who enjoys writing on parenting and lifestyle the most. Her blog posts related to parenting generally surrounds around issues like child development and infant ache problems like Earache, stomach ache etc.

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