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HipGeo API Allows Developers To Add The ‘Where’ To Your ‘When’

Location aware, socially interactive apps are where it’s at right now – and there’s no sign of that market segment slowing down anytime soon.

HipGeo is one of the companies in that space; they have an app that records and displays the places users go and how they get there (I like the phrase they use to describe the app – travel tracking). Essentially HipGeo allowing users to share their travel adventures through social interaction and networks by allowing viewers of these trips to see animated maps, slide shows of photos organized by location and exchange comment back and forth with viewers.

Late last week HipGeo released its public API and location widgets to allow web developers easily incorporate location information and maps into their sites and applications.

HipGeo CEO Scott Daniel says, “We give developers the ability to add a ‘where’ to their ‘when’ without having to build the technology on their own. Our API lets developers know where a person was at a given time, and our WHERE widget is as simple to add to a page as a Twitter button. Users can use the HipGeo API to get more detailed information to power their sites and apps – for example, photo and calendar sites and applications can now create more robust content that will let SLR camera users automatically add locations to their photos by matching their photo timestamps with HipGeo’s time and location stamps, allowing them to easily map their photos to places.”

HipGeo has only been around since September, but already has great social interactive capabilities integrated since users can record and share their trips through Facebook, Twitter, email, text or through my personal favorite bit of functionality – with an embedded HipGeo player on a blog.

You can get HipGeo in the Apple App Store here. Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile users – don’t fret too much – there is a beta program in process – you can sign up for that here.


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