15 Minute App Review: Kung Fu Warrior

Playing this game, I feel like shouting KeeYa!  It’s pretty fun and I have to admit I went over my stated “15 minutes” – I played for more like 3 hour.

I’m not a huge fan of the side scrolling games on the iPad or the iPhone because I generally miss the feel of pressing buttons on a controller.  With the flat screen you lose the ‘touch’ that you get when you’re mashing a button on a video game controller.  However, with this game I found the controls to be very easy to use.

Position of the buttons on the screen

The only struggles I had in this area were with the combo moves – when you move to one side, press green triangle, you jump – then if you hit the circle or x you punch or kick.  Sometimes I would be pressing in between those ‘buttons’ and not get the desired results.

Other than that, the controls are natural and they don’t get in the way of viewing the cartoon style graphics.

Growing up as a kid, I was a Bruce Lee fan and the main character in this game looks like a cartoon characterization which I assume is intentional.  Also, if there is a story that goes along with the game, I missed it somewhere along the way but it didn’t detract from the game play.

Playing the Game

For the most part, you fight.  And sometimes – you fight and fight until your fingers get tired and you just stop.  You select progressively more difficult levels and face a couple of bosses.

2 of the levels in the game are never ending levels that allow you to accumulate:

  • Coins, which allow you to purchase bonuses (“power ups”) that affect your Attack and Defense Levels.
  • Experience, which allows you to level up which also seems to affect attack and defense.

During each level you fight a limited set of enemies and after the last one dies, the level ends and the next level unlocks.  While fighting, you accumulate energy (for lack of a better term ) and when that energy is full you get to unleash a “Deadly Attack” – even from the start of the game the deadly attack is pretty powerful and can knock down multiple enemies.


The game play is simple but enjoyable.  The cartoon style, quality artwork makes the game visually appealing.  The flow of the game is straightforward and easy to understand.  The difficulty of the opponents is challenging enough to be fun and not too frustrating.



If I had paid for this (I got it while it was free) – I would be very frustrated. There are 27 levels and I was able to finish all of them in one sitting – granted it was a relatively long sitting but still – I don’t want to be able to finish a game in just one night.  If they add more levels, I’d be pretty happy with this game.

There’s an advertising bar at the bottom – I’ve seen some reviewers complain…didn’t bother me that much but if I had PAID for the game I would not want ads.

The only other knock might be that during most of the levels you can unlock the ability to purchase power ups – I couldn’t really tell what I needed to accomplish in order to unlock a few of them so some kind of help system would be nice.

KungFu Warrior - Start Screen

Overall Results

The game is fun and the artwork is good but it’s way too short.  I look forward to the next update if it contains more levels.  I would definitely play it again at that point.

Screen Shots

Power up screen

Action scene

Developer: Triniti Interactive Limited
Entertainment Value: 4/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Likelihood of Replay: 5/5
Graphics and Sound: 4/5

KungFu Warrior - Triniti Interactive Limited

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