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Edification is one of the important phases in a human life. We need education to polish our talents, nurture our crafts and search out all the possible answers for our questions. Parents are aware of this fact and they would always want to provide the best to their offspring’s. Along these lines, was introduced the concept of home schooling, an alternative way of educating children.

Home schooling has been there for quite some time now but the debate about its effectiveness on the whole has been a topic of discussion. Although initially, opting for home schooling was considered as a great idea, there are many disapproving views and mistaken beliefs that this type of schooling is for eccentric and socially misfit persons. Most parents’ think of it is an impracticable and unworkable method.

So what are the possible advantages and disadvantages of home schooling? Is it right choice for your child and what factors must be contemplated while deciding to home school your child? Read on to find the answers.

Advantages of homeschooling
Home schooling allows a child be taught in a special way. The child need not participate in competition with other children for the attention of the teacher. The one-on-one teaching that the child receives at home school will increase the value of learning. There is a huge difference from the customary schooling, as here the learning process is done at home and the teachers are generally the parents.

Home schooling also favors a large amount of independence and litheness in regards to the learning process. The lessons and curriculum to be completed can be custom made to suit the particular needs of the child. The child also has the advantage of learning at their own pace, as there is no set-schedule to be chased. This type of schooling does not pressurize the child to learn and they can learn at their own phase, or they can learn lessons faster, and hence learning things that would normally take a much longer time in a regular school.

Many parents are also of the opinion that home schooling will help them bond with the child and they would be able to have a happy family life. And this also helps the child to grow into a mature and sensible individual.

Disadvantages of home schooling
The greatest criticism for home schooling is aimed at the fact that it might hamper the child’s collective growth. It definitely is true as the child has a smaller amount interaction with the peers of their age group, than those who attend a regular school. Home schooled kids are likely to be lonelier and this might prove to be harmful. So, despite the outward benefits of home schooling, it isn’t for everyone and parents should take many pointers into considerations before deciding on this.

Home schooling is quiet a tough job and would need a huge amount of dedication, time and effort on the part of the parent. Teaching will take up most of the day, giving you lesser time to do anything else. The parent must be prepared to deal with all the possible challenges that could possibly arise. Home schooling, has many positive results if it is done the right way. However, doing it in the incorrect way can result in total failure of the system.

Another disadvantage of home schooling is the expenditure involved. It can cost you hundreds of dollars every year, as you will still have to pay the school taxes beyond the other entire amount being spent on other things. Though money is not considered as an important thing while imparting education to the child, it certainly is one factor which cannot be overlooked.

So when you are deciding to home school you must examine both the advantages and disadvantages to be sure to take up any challenges, or you may be setting yourself up for a major disappointment. For this it is very essential for the parents to acquire instructional skills or have contact with someone who teaches successfully. Only putting your child in a room with textbooks will not help, as your constant guidance and support is a very important factor.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is a health buff and religiously follows a healthy lifestyle. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining the perfect work life balance. These days she is busy in writing on nutrition and fitness.

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