To enjoy college years debt-free : Laughing wallet for students

A student wallet will never laugh unless one is really prepared for it. The student who comes out of the college with a degree also carries a huge amount of debt from loans. Loans nowadays are a blessing in disguise. It will help students to get easily in to a college but will bring a debt that you will be paying off for years. You can really make your college days more enjoyable and burden free by clearing off all the debts by the time you come out of the college. In this article you will get some handy tips to keep your wallet laughing.

Make the correct choice while you study
Never select a college which you cannot afford. As it will compel you to take loans for studies and that will be a burden on you to re pay later. Always give preference to the reputed colleges near your residence so that you can save cost of hostel fees and travel expenses.

Work while you study
Nowadays there are lots of part time jobs available for students. During spare time, they can do part time jobs as a tutor, driver and other household jobs. A monthly income can very well manage a part of your college fee. Another advantage is that these jobs are that you have flexible timings and can be done on weekends too. Weekend part time job help you in earning money without affecting your studies.

Work hard to get Scholarships
Scholarships and grants are another option that can bring that smile to your wallet. In such case college will pay a big part of your college fees in form of Scholarship. An added advantage is that a scholarship looks great on a resume when you apply for higher studies.

Cut it out on living
Staying in good and cheap apartment is another way to save money. You can share your room. To have a roommate is a perfect option as that will cut down the expenses on rent, food etc. as they will be shared. It is better to get an unfurnished apartment and buy used furniture if required.

Going for used books
You can save money by going for used text books instead of new ones and share it with your room mates or friends. This technique will help you to cut cost your expenses.

Enjoying cooking at home
Prepare your own food at home instead of spending money on expensive junk foods. This will save a lot of money and also reduce your fat intake. Prepare sandwiches, pastas using vegetables and fruits.

Saving for future
Open a monthly savings account and save a part of your income. It will help you once you come out of the college. The account will also earn an interest.
Last but not the least; you need to have a budget. Keep a track of your expenses. Plan your spending in advance and spend accordingly though it is frustrating and hard to execute but will help you a lot. To conclude by following the above methods, the college students can have a laughing wallet during their college days and have a good saving for the future.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who has a keen interest in gadgets and gizmos. She is a hard core biker also and dreams of owing a Ferrari bike one day.

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