5 Excellent Ways To Promote Your Blog Quickly

You recently set up a blog site and now seek information on how best to promote it. Great. You landed on the right page, through this comprehensive article we are going to discuss and highlight five quick and excellent ways to promote your brand spanking new blog via established and dare I say it – fun methods.

As you may (or may not) know there are numerous ways to bring exposure to your blog and promote it on the web, but we are going to focus on five for the purposes of this article.

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See our top picks for five quick ways to promote your blog on the net.

1. Social Media – you have three to choose from here including Facebook, Twitter and now Google Plus the latest social network to join the fray. The method for each is pretty much the same however they do work differently and each have different guidelines to get the best out of them. For each one the key is to engage engage and engage. With Facebook try to post regularly and do post items of interest to you niche. Anything from quotes, tips, information, news, and anything else of interest to your audience. Keep it light, keep it short and keep it coming. With Twitter rack up some fans, keep them in the loop and retweet others on a continual basis. Remember that with social media the key is to share and to allow others to shine.

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2. Contests/Giveaways – another fantastic method to promote your blog is to create a killer giveaway and let your readers and visitors know about it. The key is to have a fantastic prize then let everyone you know including blog friends about your giveaway. Also don’t forget about your social network such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

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3. Guest Blogging – one of the absolute best to promote any blog and to promote any blog page or article. Find one in your intended niche and then send an email to the blog owner via the sites contact form. From there create a knock out article and then submit it to the blog owner. If approved and published on the site, consider yourself very fortunate as you just scored a prominent spot in what could possibly be an established and popular blog.

4. Blog Carnival – this is an old classic but still rings true for any blog owner. Simply visit the site find a relevant 5 Excellent Ways To Promote Your Blog Quickly 4blog carnival and submit a blog article to it then await a response from blog carnival host. This is a quick and easy way to gain exposure for your blog and in particular your blog site. They’ve been around for a long time and I use them on a regular basis. You should too.

5. Forums – whatever niche you’re in we can pretty much guarantee there’s a corresponding forum to go along 5 Excellent Ways To Promote Your Blog Quickly 5with it. From travel to real estate and cats to eco friendly living there’s a niche forum on the web you can join and become a part of. Once you’ve been a member for some time and have become a solid contributing member more than likely you’ll be given access to either post a signature that links back to your blog or promote it in some other way. Many have found great success in promoting their blogs with niche forums.

We welcome and encourage you to try any one or more of the methods mentioned above to bring additional exposure to a new or existing blog and gain all the momentum you need.

Let us know below in the comment area which method (or methods) you intend to try and how we can help?

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This guest article was written by Missy Diaz who writes for several clients including Tim a website builder on the web.

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