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Walking is by far the easiest and most cost effective way of keeping healthy and fit. Fitness walking is the best form of exercise and burns equal amount of calories as any other fitness regime. In fact walking can be done at any place and at anytime. Whether you are on a vacation or at work, you can continue your fitness walking with the same fervor.

1. An Easy Way to Strengthen Your Muscles
It has been found that walking is as good as body building to build your muscles, keep your heart healthy and also improve your mental ability. Walking helps you to boost your BMR or the basal metabolic rate. It also considerably reduces the risk of heart disease. Your overall outlook towards life begins to change and you begin to look good and more self confident. You can indulge in walking with friends, family or your pet dog and strengthen your bonds with them.

2. The Best Method to Burn Calories
Fitness walking is also termed as aerobic walking and walking briskly will help you burn enough calories to keep yo healthy and trim. It will help you maintain your weight and keep you physically and mentally fit. You get a positive attitude towards life and begin to enjoy living and appreciate small pleasures.

3. Equivalent to Any Fitness Regime
Joining a gym or a fitness regime imposes certain time bound restrictions on your exercising. If for some reason you miss your workouts at the given time then you miss it for the whole day. This brings about an irregularity in your fitness activities. Not so, in the case of walking. If you miss your walking in the morning, you can always walk in the evenings or even go for a fitness walk in the night. Just thirty minutes of brisk walking can work wonders on every cell of your body and keep you agile and alert. You can break your walking in ten minutes three times and have an equal benefit. In fact you can walk to your work and back, climb the stairs instead of taking a lift. In fact you can even walk inside your home for the same amount of time and get the same benefit.

4. Points to be kept in mind during Fitness Walking:

  • Keep a brisk pace to get maximum benefit.
  • Keep your back and shoulders straight and erect.
  • Maintain a good posture and do not sag while walking. Swing your arms to get a good posture.
  • Put equidistant steps throughout your walking to avoid sore shins and painful thighs.
  • Choose fresh surroundings with lots of greenery if possible.
  • Breathe evenly and keep your respiratory rate constant.
  • Wear good shoes with a proper fit

In a Nutshell
Fitness walking is the best form of exercise that keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise. Just thirty minutes of brisk walking or roughly 10,000 steps a day will suffice to keep you in an enviable shape and health. You can guard yourself against disease such as heart disease, diabetes and mental disorders by simply walking yourself fit and fine. Begin walking today and enjoy the multitude of benefits of fitness walking.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is a health buff and religiously follows a healthy lifestyle. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining the perfect work life balance. These days she is busy in writing on nutrition and fitness.

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  1. I enjoy walking backward. It strengthens my legs, improves my balance and helps my lower back. But you cannot do it for very long distances without a break. Here’s how I do it. I walk forward from one end of a field to the other end, making sure there are no rocks or holes I might trip over. Then I walk backward the length of the field, then forward, then backward again. It strengthens the front of the legs and knees. ~ELLISA:)


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