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Size Does Matter When It Comes to Klout

Social media influence – that’s about as vague for a description that I can give you.

Klout has been around for 3 years, if you’re on Twitter more than likely it’s safe to assume that you know who the company is and what they look to measure through their Klout Score metric.

Tomorrow morning I get the distinct privilege to sit on a conference call, as part of the Klout Squad, and get first hand insight to the new scoring algorithm, and other various enhancements and usability improvements to Klout.

Joe Fernandez and his team have a good thing going with Klout – advertisers, brands, and businesses small and large are paying attention to what is perceived as an individuals capability to influence behavior through social media platforms.

Watch this quick video that was recently released and posted on WSJ where Joe and some influencers speak about the what and why of Klout and about the ever-important WIFM (what’s in it for me) as they discuss the Klout Perks that individuals can receive for being influential in a given topic.

I’ll update this post after the 8am PST call with all the updates. Until then, I’ll give the nod to a TheNextWeb and the great article written by Drew Olanoff tonight after he had a chance to speak directly with Joe Fernandez.

Update: So the preview call is done, and we got to see some of the new goodness ahead of time – the tech team at Klout was still coding away so there were still a few issues showing us detailed score insights.

That being said the focus of the conversation was to let us know that the focus of Klout really is taking a dynamic shift. More focus on what they’re call a PeopleRank algorithm.

From the Klout Blog,

…Since influence is the ability to drive action and is based on quality, not quantity. When someone engages with your content, we assess that action in the context of the person’s own activity. These principles form the basis of our PeopleRank algorithm which determines your Score based on:

how many people you influence,
how much you influence them and
how influential they are.

Let me say it – hallelujah – the fact that Klout is now consciously rewarding quality instead of spammy quantity blind RTs and links. Now we’re getting somewhere…

The mention that “all platforms are viewed equally” is also a great achievement. Even though I logged into my new-and-improved more accurate Klout score moments ago and saw that it dipped by a whopping 8 points, it’s good to see that more folks outside of just Twitter show up in my influence network.

Major step forward team – great to see the refinements. Keep ’em coming


James Hicks

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