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Siri: Sure is Beta

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When Apple announced Siri on October 4th many were excited to see the voice over in action. The demo on stage, along with the video, did not do Siri justice in terms of what it can really accomplish. Users had to wait until the iPhone 4S was in their hands.

Siri is a personal assistant like feature that provides some rather good information. You can search for “Who is Tim Cook” and it will bring up Wolfram Alpha‘s results. You can schedule reminders and even send text messages right from Siri.

These features make it quite convenient to really get things done without having to always tap on multiple buttons or icons in order to accomplish certain tasks. Apple stated on October 4th, both at the announcement, but on the website, that Siri is beta. This is definitely the case.

There are a few things that I would love to have Siri be able two do. First is Sync to iTunes over Wifi simply by stating “Siri, start backup to iTunes”. When you try to do this now you receive the following:


You would think that it would be able to perform a backup on command. Okay, it does not do so yet. However, surely Siri can open applications, right? Wrong again. Siri cannot open any applications. This is one of the most annoying things. I can understand the possibility for abuse by opening up a malicious program, but all applications are vetted through Apple, so really it should be a non-issue.

I understand that it is still a beta, But I would think that a simple function like ‘open’ would be supported. I mean what kind of personal assistant can’t even open the mail. Not a very useful one, in my opinion. 😛



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