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Top 10 Halloween Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

My favorite holidays used to be Chinese New Year and Christmas.  Now, it’s Halloween.  With a hardcore Halloweener as a fiancee, hard for Halloween to not become one of my favorite holidays.  As cautioned by my fiancee and his friends, Halloween has become a major holiday in our household.

The extravaganza begins with the dusting off and digging up of CASES of Halloween decorations.  My favorite: the vomiting witch with a maniacal laugh and taunting jeers.  With a motion sensor at her neck, she will vomit on command to get your attention.  Next, my fiancee maps out strategic list of must-see haunted houses and a recon to the local Halloween store.

Then, we enjoy a lineup of Halloween films that includes well known hits like Halloween, Silent Hill, and Paranormal Activity.  It all leads to the red food coloring stained climax in the form of a Halloween bash at our very own (and locally renowned) “House of Horror”.

We came across a few films that are not well known to me, but very extremely entertaining.  Here’s my top ten list. They are not in any particular order.

Let me know what you think, or post your top list of Halloween must-sees.   I’ll try not to give away too much of the plot.

Use the “Right” and “Left” arrow keys to navigate through the slide show.

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