Today is iPhone Day – Let’s Talk

As the Apple-centric enthusiasts sit and wait patiently for another 2 hours until Tim Cook delivers his most professionally scrutinized keynote, I thought I’d give just a bit of insight of how THE Tech Scoop was going to be monitoring today’s activities.

We’re not liveblogging the event – there are way too many tech blogs out there that are going to try to do that today, and quite frankly, my opinion is that Ars Technica is the ONLY source to check out for a quality liveblog. So yes, we’ll be watching the handwork of Senior Editor Jacqui Cheng throughout the event.

We’re also keeping an eye on the netcast feed – even though Leo Laporte has been banned from attending Apple press events (it’s a long old story, many of you old tech-heads know the deal), but still, TWiT always finds a way to get some form of inside video scoop at these events.

Another source that we’ll be taking advantage of is that of – the team over there, which is top notch and I highly recommend you add them to your bookmarks, is running an IRC chat talking all things Apple and giving their 2 cents on the rumors and facts.

After the event, we will compile all the facts, provide insight on what actually was released, and give some analysis of what today’s announcements actually mean to the consumer.

All that being said – sit back, watch our Twitter feed (@thetechscoop) and chime in with your thoughts.

Since today is iPhone Day – I figured it be good to share a great interactive infographic all about the history of the iPhone.

[infographic created by Mike Vasilev]
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