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Call me late to the party, but after eight seasons I finally figured out what a great show Entourage is.  I’ve been obsessed with catching up so I can watch the final season On Demand before it expires.

When Netflix interrupted my steady stream of past seasons with damn movie, I stopped by the local Blockbuster Video store to find all the past seasons on the $0.99 rental rack. I grabbed the next disk I needed, deleted it from my Nexflix queue via the iPhone app while I waited in line, and then headed home.

Upon my return home, I found a coupon for a free $0.99 rental attached to my receipt.  Addicted as I have become, we watched the entire disk that afternoon and I headed back to return the disk and decided to use the coupon for the next.  At checkout, the clerk tried to sell me on Blockbuster’s monthly pass program where I could take home one disk at a time for a special low price.  His spiel was interrupted by the receipt machine spitting out another coupon for a free movie.  I declined the monthly pass offer and took my free movie home. Like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day,  I have relived this scenario on a nearly daily basis for the last 2 weeks.

At this point I have watched seasons 2, 3.1, 3.2 and 4 of Entourage for the low-low price of $0.99!  If the coupons keep spitting out, I may have to find some other TV shows to catch up on.  Do you have any suggestions?  Head down to your local Blockbuster and let me know if they continually give you coupons for free rentals. I hope the coupon promotion continues to be profitable for Blockbuster, so I can continue to take advantage of their generosity, while I recoup the late fees I paid back in the 90’s.


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