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Lookup Any Word on the New York Times Website

So I was reading an Article on Flight 93 when I accidentally ran across a feature that I think I knew was there before but never used. The New York Times website has a built-in dictionary.

To Activate the dictionary all you have to do is highlight a word and click on the [?] Question mark. Once you do a popup window appears that has the definition of the word.

New York Times Dictionary 001

While this is definitely not a new feature, it does have some intelligence within it. For instance, I chose to look up the word “President” and it knew the context of “President of the United States”.

There is one bug with the dictionary, it does not like apostrophes. I tried looking up “Queen Anne’s Lace” and it gave me the results below.


It looks like there is some HTML coding interpretation errors within the script, but for most items it should work without any issues. It may be a small item, but it may be worth using if there is a word that you do not already know.


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