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ClearCube Offers A Better VDI Solution

There are a ton of great announcements coming out of VMworld 2011. Unfortunately my schedule did not allow me to attend personally, however, I am getting flooded with high quality releases as companies make their announcements.

One such announcement came from ClearCube Technology, a leader in virtual desktop solutions, zero clients, rack mounted secure workstations and blade PCs, as they just announced the general availability of their virtual private network (VPN)-enabled zero client with PCoIP technology Рthe Cloud Desktop 9520.

What Is It

The Cloud Desktop 9520 enables secure remote access to VMware View virtual desktops. The idea is to provide a secure, simple yet affordable way for teleworkers and remote employees to connect to a corporate desktop. The Cloud Desktop 9520 gives remote employees access to a VMware View virtual desktop allowing them to complete tasks as if they were sitting in the office.

The Cloud Desktop 9520 doesn’t have an operating system or local storage; therefore, corporate data is securely stored in the data center – ensuring that sensitive company information is never compromised.

“We are thrilled to leverage our innovation engine and customer collaboration to bring these new products to market. For customers with teleworkers and multi-domain environments we’re eliminating the security barriers and enabling them to experience the benefits of desktop virtualization and centralized computing,” said Randy Printz, CEO, ClearCube Technology. “ClearCube has been at the forefront of centralized computing and VDI innovation for more than a decade, and we continue to strive to be first to market with product innovations that address the needs of all users in the enterprise.”

For more information on Cloud Desktop 9520 and ClientCube see their site at


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